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We may be biased. San Diego, California is The Traveling Mutts' hometown so it's no surprise that San Diego is featured for our very first Mutt Box! We have teamed up with some amazing local business owners to create a one-of-a-kind Mutt Box for this quarter.


It will feature awesome products by these business as well as many more surprises for you and your pet for a total of 12 unique items including: 2 bags of treats, 2 dog greeting cards, 1 durable rubber dog bone, 

1 portable water bottle, 1 pair of grooming gloves, 1 squeaky toy, 1 faux leather poop bag holder, 1 box of biodegradable poop bags, 1 tote bag and 1 LED flashing collar!

Doggie Beer Bones (Crunchy Peanut Butter, Soft Baked Bacon, Crunchy Turmeric, Soft and Chewy Pumpkin; each box will include 2 bags, one crunchy variety and one soft variety

Doggie Beer Bones


San Diego based Doggie Beer Bones are crafted with sustainability and pet wellness in mind, and as avid homebrewers, they were always looking for ways to reuse their spent brewing grain.


So, they decided to start repurposing it by baking it into spent grain dog treats. They gave these to their dogs (Biscuit and Roscoe) and started handing them out as gifts to family and friends.

The treats were a hit, and they were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response from both dogs and owners-thus, in early 2010, Doggie Beer Bones was born.

Featured Local Businesses:

Tessa May Greeting Cards

Tessa May Logo

The mission of Tessa May cards is to keep the power of a handwritten card going throughout the world. Owner Lisa Papple believes that you can put a smile on someone's face by sending a simple message and show someone you care by sending a card. 

Tessa May lives by those words. "Be Kind, Smile, Be Present, Connect & Make a difference in this world." Her company, based in Costa Mesa, California, was inspired from the heart and she wants to keep spreading the joy of a handwritten card.

Tessa May all started with the love of Lisa's first dog, which she named her company after. Tessa May is also the reason that she has started rescuing and fostering senior dogs. Lisa now turns each dog she saves into a greeting card so that their story can be heard. 

Tessa May blank greeting cards (assorted designs; each box will include 2 cards)



"We are Dreamers. We are Optimists. We are Makers. And we believe that small actions make a difference and the details in life matter. This means offering new ways to accent your life and your home with easy affordable sustainable products and gifts that draw down the use of plastics and have a positive beautiful impact on our lives."

This 100% natural rubber dog bone supports a healthy bite for your puppy or dog. These stylish ridged semi pliable bones are designed to fulfill your dogs natural instinct to chew. Even the most aggressive chewers will be satisfied! Add your pup's favorite peanut butter or treat into the center cavity and watch them go to town. These bones are made of scentless BPA-free rubber and features a reinforced core. The unique geometric edges help reduce plaque buildup and support a healthy bite! As with all products of L.A based Guud, this is a carbon neutral product and a portion of their proceeds are invested in non-profit clean and green tech organizations.

Guud Natural Rubber Geometric Dog Bone (teal, pink, black, or red; each box will include one bone)

This Quarter's Recipient:

the animal pad logo.png

A portion of the proceeds from this Mutt Box will be donated to The Animal Pad of San Diego, California

animal pad.jpeg

Ready for the Adventure?

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